Have you gone anywhere this summer?

I know that I'm not the first person to tell you that this has been the weirdest summer EVER! Who would have thought that just a few months ago we were all free to vacation anywhere we wanted but now with COVID-19 we are extremely limited to what places we can go.

With that in mind, we thought it would be helpful to families in the Hudson Valley that are looking for some "COVID Vacation" ideas to come up with a list of places we could visit for a little down time before summer is over.

If you've been on vacation in the last few weeks, where did you go? Would you recommend it? Maybe you getting ready to go away, where are you planning on going? Call or text us through the Wolf mobile app so we can add your place to our growing list.

Here are the "COVID Vacations" we have so far....

Camping in Lake George
Camping around Long Lake in the Adirondacks
Cape May, New Jersey
Point Pleasant, New Jersey

Colleen from Wappingers Falls texted us that, "Roscoe Campground you can rent a 8-person trailer for less than the price of a hotel and go tubing on the Beaverkill River." Heather texted us, "Old Orchard Beach in Maine."

My favorite text came from Devin who said, "Good morning! I have a boat and camp in lake George but I look forward to this weekend because my wife and I are going to take our boys camping and have a fire at my parents house even though it’s only a few miles down the road. It’s not about how far or fancy the trip is it’s the time you spend with your family and making memories." Well said!!

Anyone doing something they would recommend in the Hudson Valley? Let us know!!!

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