A band at the Ulster County Fair showed their support for canceled act Confederate Railroad.

On Tuesday, after thanking officials from the Ulster County Fair and showing their support to the Ulster County Fair, 90 Proof Band lead-singer Raymond Minew unbuttoned his shirt to show a t-shirt that had the Confederate Railroad logo on the front and “90 PROOF SUPPORTS CONFEDERATE RAILROAD” written on the back.

Last week, Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan and some Ulster County residents requested Confederate Railroad's concert at the Ulster County Fair be canceled over allegations their name is racist.

"In this great country, we live in we all have the right and the honor to have our own opinions and our own beliefs and it is my opinion, and the rest of us, that canceling Confederate Railroad was the wrong decision. But it was not the fair's fault," Minew said after showing off his shirt in support of Confederate Railroad. "So to all you haters out there and all you politicians who think you can tell us what to do, we got one thing to say to you, you can kiss my country ass!”

The band, which was the Taste of Country house band, then performed Blake Shelton's "Kiss My Country Ass" and as a tribute to Confederate Railroad, their hit song "Trashy Women."

"We are a country music band supporting another country band. People should have a choice on what music they want to listen to and shouldn’t be strong-armed by a political agenda," Minew said to Hudson Valley Post.

You can see a video of their performance below.

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