Tis' the season of giving, celebrating, eating, presents and celebrating Jesus' birth.

Next Friday, December 13th at Sand Lake Baptist Church, there will be a free Christmas concert.

The glory of Christmas, the wonder of Mary, and the meaning of Christmas!

Not only will this be a concert to see and listen to, but also a sing along, Christmas carol singing event.

I remember as a kid, every Christmas season we would go to different churches to watch the choirs sing, the local church group plays and I especially looked forward to 2 different events.

We would all meet up and go caroling to nursing homes, shut ins, and homes around town that we knew would appreciate it.

The other event was at my church on Christmas Eve and we would have a service of just singing Christmas songs.

There would be the traditional "religious" songs but also the traditional Christmas songs, etc.

If you would like more info and directions on Come, Let Us Adore Him, go HERE

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