70 years ago, our entire nation spent every day in fear wondering if these sirens would go off. Now almost all of them have been dismantled but one still remains in Yonkers, New York as a haunting reminder.

Almost immediately after the end of the Second World War, both America and Russia began a political rivalry that would last decades. Which political ideology would reign supreme, communism or democracy? Socialism or capitalism? Though America and the Soviet Union never actually fought against each other in actual combat, we competed in different ways. The race to space was one. Many believe that space superiority was a boost for national morale but others believe that possessing the capability to launch satellites and rockets into space meant that they could do the same with ballistic missiles. This is terrifying technology for nuclear superpowers to wield.

Apparently, in 1995, Russia almost launched a nuclear strike on us after believing they were being attacked.

These sirens still exist in some form but they have a different meaning now. We've all heard sirens in our town. The sirens can go off for several different reasons. Nowadays these community sirens are weather-related. According to Weather.gov, when you hear these sirens, it means that a dangerous storm could be headed in your direction.

It may have been here for decades, but people have started to notice an old siren tower in downtown Yonkers, New York and it has been identified as World War 2 / Cold War-era air raid or bomb siren. A user on Reddit posted some pictures of the siren and claimed it is 1 of 7 left still standing in the entire country.


Does it still work? I'm just asking because with the way things are going there's a chance we might need them soon.

The siren can be found between Palisades Ave and Shonnard Pl in Yonkers.

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