The Hudson Valley has always been a popular place but lately, it feels like it's been more popular than usual. We have had actors, musicians, hell even the current President of the United States, Joe Biden came to the Hudson Valley recently. Well, yesterday this list of famous faces and powerful people expanded even further. It also just so happened to be my hometown where this individual was visiting.

My Hometown of New Windsor, NY

My hometown of New Windsor, New York is a town like many others found throughout America. It sits right in the middle of the Hudson Valley and we're crammed between a couple of other towns where in reality, everything blends in and overlaps and gives you a "minor league city" type of feel. There's at least one of every fast food joint, chain restaurant, grocery store and gas station within a ten-mile radius.

The town is a cultural and social melting pot, there are scenic views out the wahzoo and we're home to the dreaded 5-Corners traffic light. So "why" and maybe more importantly "who" was it that came to my neck of the woods yesterday? Glad you asked, cause I'm about to tell you.

Former President Clinton Campaigns For Hillary In Ohio
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Former President Visits Purple Heart Museum

Yesterday, former President of the United States Bill Clinton visited the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor in New Windsor. President Clinton met with Rep. Pat Ryan in an attempt to bolster the campaign effort of Ryan, who's in the final leg of his Congressional battle against Republican Colin Schmidt. With election day less than a week away, it's an all out sprint to see who will represent New York's 18th Congressional District.


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Political Rarity

This year's elections feature a rather unique scenario. The election for New York's 18th Congressional district is being battled out by two men with distinguished resumes having served in the US Military.

Ryan, graduated from West Point and served two separate tours of duty in Iraq as an Army Intelligence Officer. His opponent Colin Schmidt currently serves as a sergeant in the Army National Guard.1569th Transportation Company, which is located in New Windsor. It comes as no surprise that experts say the race between the two is neck and neck.

Californians Head To The Polls For Early Voting Ahead Of Super Tuesday
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Regardless of the outcome of this election, I must admit, I think it will be great to actually have an accomplished representative for our district in D.C, as opposed to having a "career politician". Here's to wishing the both of them the best in these final campaign days and may the best competitor win. Maybe more importantly, here's to hoping that regardless of the winner, they represent this district well. In addition, here's to hoping both men remember, that they will be representing all of their constituents, not just the ones who voted for them.

28 Distinguished Historic Figures Buried at West Point Cemetery

New York State is rich in history. West Point Cemetery acts as a national historic landmark and the final resting place for 28 historic figures. From Medal of Honor recipients and Military leaders to astronauts and other Military heroes, their final resting place can be found right here in the Hudson Valley.

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