Here is the first of many doggie "shoots"!

If you've been following along on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show over the last week or so, you already know that I have taken the jump into being a "doggie dad" and to be honest I never thought this would be so entertaining.

Now I say entertaining with a few definitions in mind. One being it's pretty entertaining to walk a dog around Poughkeepise at 1, 2, sometimes 3 o'clock in the morning.

Two, I think this is more entertaining for my kids and friends, as they get to make fun of me for the way I speak to him. Yup, I officially sound ridiculous when I'm trying to talk to him in my best talking to a baby/dog voice. I've been told it sounds like I'm just about ready to hit puberty....LOL!

Three, as a "human dad" there is nothing more entertaining then when your 14 year old daughter sends you her first ever photo shoot of our new puppy.

If you haven't been properly introduced yet, let me introduce you to our new puppy, SMALLS, who is a mini golden doodle, with his first of, I'm assuming many to come photo shoots courtesy of my daughter Julianna.

After looking at the pictures she took, I think she may have a BIG FUTURE in photography.

CJ's New Puppy Smalls First Photo Shoot

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