This is probably one of the worst ways to ever lose your man card.

I have had numerous events in my life that have caused me to lose a piece of my man card. I've worn woman's deodorant, driving my truck into my house and a bunch more, but nothing quite as embarrassing as my trip to the mechanic the other day.

If you missed my story on the show, I have been having issues with my truck for a while now and finally brought my truck into be looked at to try and figure out whats wrong. After my mechanic hooked my truck up to the computer, its showed that I had like 9 pages of reasons why the check engine light came on.

So he brought my truck into the garage to look at it and as he was driving it in a few other mechanics in the shop came over to where we were. He popped the hood and started talking mechanic talk and said when was the last time you checked the oil? I said its been a while, so he checked it and he found that there was no oil in it at ALL!! Yes I was standing there with 4 or 5 mechanics all trying really hard to not laugh at me.

Yes I deserve to lose my man card for 30 days and will take my punishment like a man and because I have embarrassed all men for the next 30 days we will now be calling our radio show, Wakin up with SHE-J and Jess.

With that in mind here I am trying to do face yoga. Enjoy!

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