He's one year old today and I think he's really mad at me!!

A one year old birthday is supposed to be a celebration, right? Well my puppy Smalls officially turns one year old today and I think he hates me and is in no mood to celebrate. Let me explain, about a week ago I decided that it was time to take him for his first trip to the groomer. He's never been before, so I thought an early birthday present would be a day at the doggie spa.

I called like five different groomers to try and get an appointment and almost all of them were booked up for like 2 months, so I did something that a lot of other dog owners told me not to do. I went and made an appointment at one of the chain pet stores. I'm not going to mention the store because it's not that they really did anything wrong,(I think), but a few days after he went in we started to experience some issues.

I noticed that for a few days he was shaking his head a lot and doing that wet dog spinning thing with his body. He doesn't normally do it when he's not wet, so I thought it was kind of weird, but didn't really think anything about it.

After three or four days I went to look in his ear and was shocked at what was under there. Not to gross you out, but it was a bad smelly infection or something like that. I freaked out a bit and called his vet to make an appointment. They got us in yesterday, so we jumped in the car and headed in.

Here's where things went BAD!! On the way to the vet he threw up in the car two times and you guessed it, when we got there, Dr. Alex took one look at the ear and told me that it looks really bad and that he's been in a lot of pain because of it. She said that it probably happened because when he went to the groomer, they probably didn't dry out his ears enough after his bath and that's where the infection started.

Moral of the story, if you take your pets to a groomer, make sure you remind them to dry out their ears so you don't go through what my guy had too. Now its off to clean up dog puke in my car! Oh yeah, Happy birthday Smalls, daddy is sorry!

Smalls' Photo Shoot Number Two

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