We threw down the challenge and they accepted. Well, kind of. Okay, not really.

Yesterday CJ and I challenged the Ulster County Sheriffs Office to partake in the super popular #LipSyncChallenge. Many police departments across the U.S. have started playing along with the viral trend and they're bringing some serious laughs.

We got to talking about how not one police department in the Hudson Valley has made a video yet. Naturally, we offered our "help" and said we bring lunch to the first police department to get us a video.

Of course we had to challenge someone specific first. So we called out our friends over at the Ulster County Sheriffs Office. And just like if they were responding to an emergency, they responded quickly.

The Ulster County Sheriffs Office posted to Facebook on Wednesday afternoon the following:

This has escalated quickly. CJ and I will stay true to our word. We'll be waiting for the Ulster County Sheriff's video, but if you or someone you know is a police officer encourage them to get in on the challenge!

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