We try our best to dance like Faith Hill.

Talk about some serious dance moves, the lovely Faith Hill, who is on the Soul 2 Soul tour with her husband Tim McGraw, was performing on July 8th in Boston Massachusetts when a fan at the show captured Faith getting really into it through dance.

Take a look....

Now after watching those great dance moves, Jess and I thought we should try to channel our inner Faith and have a little dance off, and yes, we captured it all on video for your viewing pleasure.

After you watch, let us know in the comment section below who you think "WON" the dance off.

Here is our version of "Dancing with the Unfamous"....

I really did hurt myself...lol and I think Jess is still dancing.

Who gets your vote? Me or Jess? Leave us a comment on Facebook and be listening for the winner on Wednesday's CJ in the morning show.

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