I'm sure there's an interesting story behind it. I had to take a new way home from the radio station due to construction and I had to go through a part of the City of Poughkeepsie that I've never been through before.

I was going extra slow and when I hit my first red light, I came across an interesting building. It looked pretty old, was not in the best condition, and it made me wonder what used to be in it and why has no one purchased it.


Where is the building located in the City of Poughkeepsie?

I'm embarrassed to say I had to really look around because I didn't know the road I was on, but the building is off of Thompson Street, and it's not too far from the arterial. At least I think so...

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What does the building look like?

I noticed it's very run down with boards covering the windows and the front. On the side, you can tell the paint is chipping, but there was a lot near it that seemed like a good space.  It was right on the corner too which seems like a great spot for a business.


What could go in the building?

  • A convenience store
  • A flower shop
  • A tire store
  • A gas station

There are plenty of choices and a good-sized place to park near it for customers.

If you do know what was in the building or the story behind it, send us a message on the station app and let us know. I'm still new to the area and love learning more about it.

We'll try to make it more positive, here are some parks to check out in Dutchess County.

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