The ACM Nominations were announced this past week and Chase Rice received some great news. Chase has been nominated for Best New Male Artist. The ACM Awards airs live from Las Vegas on April 3rd on CBs and Chase will be on hand, but no word on if he's performing yet.

If he is performing, he might just be debuting his latest track. Chase has been endlessly teasing his new single "Whisper" over social media, getting his friends in on the fun too:

We'll we're not staying quiet any longer. Chase released "Whisper" last night. Take a listen:

And while we're talking about him, Chase is a good home North Carolina Boy so naturally you would think he'd be cheering on the Carolina Panthers this Super Bowl weekend. However, he says he's in a "win-win" situation. Chase spoke about his love for Peyton Manning saying "I love who he is as a person, love his character, and love his passion for the game." However, an old friend of Chase used to play for the Panthers so, he's cheering for both.

Who do you have winning Sunday?

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