The name's Bryant ... Chase Bryant. The rising singer-songwriter has released an action-packed, James Bond-inspired music video for his song "Room to Breathe."

Bryant's "Room to Breathe" video opens dramatically: The artist is tied to a chair in what appears to be a torture chamber, with a girl in lingerie looming over him, holding a necklace. From there, viewers see Bryant driving around in a high-end car with a pretty girl, whom he gifts with that very same necklace from the opening scene. As Bryant is playing cards, his date by his side, the woman from the torture scene spots them; the singer flips a table and hops in car to try and escape with his girl. The two seem to get away and share a kiss ... but not so fast! Readers can press play on the video above to find out how the story ends.

“Anyone that knows me knows that I am obsessed with James Bond movies. I was on the bus one night watching Casino Royale, and I thought -- how cool would it be to recreate the style of this movie and the attitude of James Bond into a music video?" Bryant explains in a press release. ""Room to Breathe" is a seductive sort of song about never wanting to leave a girl. I wanted to do something different and push the limits with this music video."

The "Room to Breathe" clip was directed by Jeff Johnson, but Bryant co-wrote and conceptualized the video with the director. The song itself was released back in June as the first single from Bryant's forthcoming first full-length album; it was co-written by Bryant, Derek George and Ashley Gorley.

“If you asked who I was, you would probably think rock and roll, more rambunctious rock and roll sounding country,” Bryant says. "This [song] is a little more funky, a little more R&B, a little more Michael Jackson meets Prince or Maroon 5. But I’m excited. I would do it, because I love Stevie Wonder. It’s the music I listen to, so I’m excited about it.”

"Room to Breathe" is available for download on iTunes.

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