An ice storm that ripped through the Hudson Valley, had an intense impact on Ulster County.

Back on Friday, February 4th, an ice storm wreaked havoc on parts of the Hudson Valley. Ulster County seemed to get the brunt of the storm. On Saturday morning, following the storm, Ulster County Fire/Rescue Incidents on Facebook wrote:

Yesterday our area saw a winter storm that wreaked utter chaos on our area. 911 and our emergency responders handled countless emergencies from the very early morning all the way into the late night. Thanks to the efforts of so many, these emergencies were handled with ease.


Central Hudson's Work Continues

The ice and freezing rain caused many downed lines, leaving over 50,000 people in Ulster County without power. Central Hudson has provided a storm and power update, writing on Sunday night:

Power has been restored to more than 48,000 homes and businesses since Friday morning, primarily in hard-hit Ulster County. We are working to refine estimated times of restoration on a municipal level.

While many are finally getting power back, harder-hit areas are still without power and may take an additional 24 hours. According to Central Hudson:

Areas that have been the most heavily impacted could see restoration efforts extend into Tuesday evening. Central Hudson will conduct targeted outreach to customers in these area

As of Sunday night, there are still 670 locations still without power.

State of Emergency Declared

As the dangerous weather continued by mid-afternoon on Friday, Ulster County Executive Patrick Ryan declared the State of Emergency. New York's Govrorner Kathy Hochul said in a statement back on Friday:

Ulster County has received the brunt of this winter storm's severe effects in the form of heavy ice and snow accumulation that crippled roadways and cut power to tens of thousands of residents in the Mid-Hudson Region.

Gov. Hochul also deployed 24 National Guard members to assist with clean-up and recovery operations in Ulster. 24/7 warming centers were also set up and are still available for those without power.

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This is one of those famous moments in Capital Region history where you probably remember where you were when it happened. On the morning of Friday, January 25, 2019 at least six boats broke free in the in the Hudson River between Troy and Albany. Since it was January, all the boats were unmanned at the time, so they were at the mercy of the river current and the ice.

There had been some strange weather developing over the previous few days and ice jams formed enough to wreak havoc on the Hudson River from Troy to Albany. Several boats became dislodged starting in Troy, eventually moving down the river where many hit the Livingston Avenue bridge, which carries trains over the Hudson between Albany and Rensselaer.

One of the boats that broke free that morning was the Captain JP Cruise ship, a four level vessel and popular summer party spot. It hit the bridge and was lodged there for quite a while as crews worked to free it. There was some damage, but it was able to be repaired in time for summer.

At least six other boats were pushed down the river including the Rusty Anchor Restaurant as well as some barges and tugboats.

Several bridges were closed due to safety concerns, including the Patroon Island Bridge, which carries I-90 over the Hudson connecting Albany and Rensselaer Counties. Rescue crews with tugboats were on the scene quickly from the port of Albany to stop the runaway boats.

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