We're taking this show on the road. We'll kind of.

Tomorrow morning I, Jess, will be back hanging out at Barton Orchard Farm Market on Noxon Road in Lagrange. Lucky for us, tomorrow is National Donut Day. I think we are all well aware that Barton Orchard is home to the best apple cider donut in the Hudson Valley. If you stop by tomorrow morning any time between 7am and 9am you can pick up a free donut and could win yourself a couple dozen donuts as well.


While the donuts are a perfect way to kick off your Friday morning, you could also get your young ones signed up for the Krazy Kids Inflatable Fun Run. The inflatable obstacle course is back at Barton Orchards this Saturday June 3rd. The run is open to children ages 3 to 12 and they will have a blast on the inflatable obstacle course.

Stop out at Barton Orchard to enjoy some delicious donuts on National Donut Day and your chance to win a spot at the Krazy Kids Inflatable and maybe even see someone frolicking in the parking lot.

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