Chris Janson, Carly Pearce and more singers have released new singles to radio in the recent weeks. Read on to learn more about the new songs country and Americana fans will be hearing.

Chris Janson, "Drunk Girl"

Chris Janson's new song "Drunk Girl" isn't the song its title suggests; in fact, it's the exact opposite. The tune, from Janson's newest album, Everybody, offers a message of respect: "Take a drunk girl home / Let her sleep all alone / Leave her keys on the counter, your number by the phone," Janson sings in the chorus of "Drunk Girl." "Drunk Girl" was co-written by Janson, Scooter Carusoe and Tom Douglas. -- AM

Carly Pearce, "Hide the Wine"

Carly Pearce has released "Hide the Wine" as the follow-up single to her debut single “Every Little Thing.” The song opens up with distinctive country twang and plenty of sass, and is about avoiding the things that lead to temptations. In “Hide the Wine,” Pearce sings, "Better hide the wine/ And get it gone/ Oh, I better hide every one of them records that turn me on (lock 'um up, lock 'um up) / Turn up the lights / And kill the mood / Oh, 'cause, baby, I just don't trust myself with you.” -- CC

Thomas Rhett, "Marry Me"

Thomas Rhett has shared a new single that is a departure from the love songs that fans have grown to expect from him (and love him for). Instead, the song is about a “what if”: What if he never worked up the courage to tell his wife how he felt and had to see her marry someone else? “If I had not ever gone up and told Lauren how I felt about her, I would definitely have already been invited to her wedding,” Rhett explains. “And so this song is kind of like that 'What if I had never said anything?’ This is more than likely what my life would have been.” “Marry Me” was written by Rhett, Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley and Shane McAnally. -- CC

Lindsay Ell, "Criminal"

Lindsay Ell’s new single “Criminal” has a definite rock influence. The song is all about the intense way that a certain man makes her feel: “Boy, what you do to me is criminal,” Ell sings passionately in the chorus. “Criminal” was written by Ell, Chris Stevens and Fred Wilhelm; The Project, the album on which the song appears, was produced by Kristian Bush and debuted at No. 1 on the Neilsen Soundscan Current Country Albums chart. -- CC

John Oates, "Arkansas"

John Oates has released “Arkansas” as his latest single. The title track of Oates' upcoming album, the song is all about sharing the love that the singer has for the Mississippi Delta region: "The cotton fields and the vibe of the Delta really moved me,” Oates tells Wide Open Country. “Arkansas,” like the entire album on which it appears, was recorded live in the studio, with Oates and his band on analog equipment; that recording method adds to the earthy, gritty sound of the roots song. -- CC

Meghan Linsey, "Mr. Homewrecker"

Meghan Linsey has released “Mr. Homewrecker” as the first single off of a new album, which is titled Bold Like a Lion. The song is about the vulnerabilities that come along with loving someone, and the necessity to persevere through a broken heart when that person breaks your trust. “Mr. Homewrecker” was written by Linsey, Tyler Cain and Phillip LaRue. -- CC

Bebe Rexha Feat. Florida Georgia Line, "Meant to Be"

Pop singer Bebe Rexha and country duo Florida Georgia Line’s duet "Meant to Be" is officially a country radio single. Rexha and FGL’s Tyler Hubbard co-wrote the song with Josh Miller and David Garcia; it closes out Rexha's All Your Fault, Pt. 2 EP, released in August. Says Hubbard in a press release, “Going into the writing session that day in LA, we had no idea that it would turn into this;” adds his duo partner, Brian Kelley, “To know that our fans have been requesting this song and we can now share it with everyone is ‘meant to be’ on a whole new level.” -- AS

Tyler Reese Tritt, "Perfect"

Tyler Reese Tritt, Travis Tritt’s daughter, has released her debut single. “Perfect” has an early-Taylor Swift vibe, with Tritt singing about her senior year of high school and all of the things that come along with it: lockers, homecoming and young romance. "I can feel my heart is pounding / Beating deep inside my chest / My mind races a thousand miles, and I'm inside my head / He's perfect, this moment’s perfect," Tritt sings, about a relationship with a classmate that progresses throughout the song. "Perfect" was written by Jesse Owen Astin, Adam Folsom and Dionne Osborne. -- CC

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