It's that time of year. It's soccer season! Well, kind of.

It's a specific type of soccer season here in the Hudson Valley. Car soccer is back in Red Hook this Saturday, April 28.

For the past few years, car soccer enthusiasts have made their way to the open field on 12 Camp Lane in Red Hook to get in their cars and play a little footie. Expect the only time their using their feet is to accelerate and break.

The group of car soccer players use an 8-foot soccer ball and excavators as goalies. It's pretty creative, when you think about it.

Car Soccer is a free event for the family this weekend at the Fastracs Field. The game kicks off at 10am and there will be breakfast sandwiches available for purchase.

Take a look at the video the car soccer stars shared with us a few years ago. Pretty cool right?

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