Getting in the car to head out on summer vacation or a road trip was always so much fun. We always had cool stuff to do in the car. This was before anyone thought about putting a DVR player in a headrest.

Nowadays with personal tablets and DVR players loaded into every car kids can pretty much dive into screen time when they are in a car on a trip. But back in my backseat traveling days, we were lucky to have games to play. And I swear some weren't even real games.

Being an Army brat my family traveled around the United States just about every summer. Early on my sister and I got proficient at games that would keep us busy for most of the ride. We even had some we played that lasted the whole trip like the License Plate Game.

Between getting the trucks to honk the horns and trying to find a Hawaiian license plate in the middle of Kansas we were able to keep ourselves busy while Mom and Dad shared the driving. The cool thing about most of the games we played is you didn't have to be on vacation to play them so we started playing some of them whenever we got in the car.

Punch Buggy and Cows & Cemeteries are two games that my sister and I still play to this day whenever we take a road trip. Punch buggy you might know but if you are stuck on cows and cemeteries that one is easy. One person is cows the other is cemeteries. You keep track of how many you passed on your trip. Obviously, the one with the highest total for their designated roadside item wins. Can you tell we traveled a lot of back roads as kids?

Play one of these games the next time you hit the road with the kids.

Car Games We Played as Kids on Road Trips and Vacations

Summer road trips and vacations when I was a kid always meant we would load up on stuff to keep us busy in the car. Car games were the best to keep you busy on a long trip. These 6 were the ones we playing in my car growing up.

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