So the latest scandal brewing on social media and the national news is about the candy cane. It seems we can't get away from the negativity this year. Is 2018 almost over. By now you have heard that their a people banning Candy Canes in classrooms because they are in the shape of a "J" for Jesus. Yes, this has happened. It is being reported through various news outlets and it turns out that the J shape according to Spangler candy does symbolize a J for Jesus but that's not the whole story. Originally they were supposedly hand out in 1670 to keep kids quiet in church. Of course back then they were only white and shaped as a stick with a bend in the top which was said to resemble a shepherd's crook.

I have always thought the candy cane was bent on top so you could hang them better from a Christmas tree branch. I had no idea about the "J" thing and actually never even realized the shape made the letter "J" because I always held it upside down I guess. But yes it turns out the candy cane does have a religious back story but doesn't that make a little bit of sense. After all Christmas depending on who you ask does seem to have religious meaning for most folks who celebrate the holiday.

Candy Canes have come to symbolize commercial Christmas. They are right up there with Ruloph who has had his own conflicts over the last week or so and Santa. If anything they are the original Christmas Candy and if you ask me probably the most boring of all the holiday candies even when dipped in chocolate. I like peppermint but eating a whole candy candy can be a bit overly minty.

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