Hudson Valley campfire season is underway. Get out the makings for S'mores it is going to be a long summer. The recent heat wave may have kept you from sitting by the fire the past few weeks but the cooler nights are coming and you will want to be ready for a memorable night sitting around the glow of the fire with friends.

So what do you need for a great night around a campfire or chimnea? First thing is a comfortable chair. Sitting on the ground is overrated even if you have a comfy cushion. It is also important you pick out proper for wear. I always go with a leather soled boot. Sparks do fly and a burnt foot because you sported flip flops fireside can be the making for a bad evening. In that same train of thought be mindful that you don't melt the bottom of your shoes or boots.

Once you've got a place to sit and your feet are up all that's left is a beverage and something to cook in the fire. Marshmallows are easy and fun. But the night is not finished until someone has told a traditional campfire tale.

They usually start out with a legend from the local area. They always have an unsuspecting innocent  main character and the good ones always have an opening end. You know the one where it finishes with the tale teller saying something like "and to this day they have never see them again but you can often hear them sing at the campfire once everyone has gone to their tents." Or something creepy like that leaving us all wondering what's in store when we turn in for the night.

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