Does size matter?  Do you really care how tall the guy is or is it more of a want to know ahead of time kind of thing?

I'm 6'1 but have a lot of guy friends that are about 5' 6" and they say it's a problem finding a date.  Most girls that I talk to say height doesn't matter unless they tower of the guy, then, as long as they know ahead of time, it's not an issue.

How many times though have you been on Tinder or any other dating app and saw someone that was a good match, so you talk and decided to meet up and he's nowhere near the height he said?

Now, that won't happen.  According to Tinder, they are introducing a 'Height Verification' to their profile.  Tinder says it's coming soon and here's proof.

I've talked to a few friends of mine that are NOT happy about this.  Not because they like lying about their height but because they now feel they have an even less advantage.


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