An email from Burger King to New York customers left many wondering what happened!?

On Tuesday around 12:15 a.m., Burger King sent out a puzzling email to many customers. Thousands of customers in New York, the United States, and even the United Kingdom got the same strange email from the fast-food chain.

Burger King Goes Viral For Puzzling Email

Burger King
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I was one of those confused customers. Early Tuesday morning, I was shocked to see an email from Burger King. The email was sent from Burger King's promotional marketing email address thanking me for my most recent order.

"Thanks for ordering from Burger King®!," the email started.

I was first confused by this because I haven't ordered anything from Burger King in quite some time. As I continued to read the email I realized the email showed a receipt with nothing ordered.

The email also stated, “Your order will be ready to be picked up at Burger King, located at.” The email did not give the location. The email also left the following sections blank:

  • Order#
  • Subtotal
  • Tax
  • Total
  • Paid With

Comically the email also stated "While you're waiting for your food, let us know how you liked ordering online! It'll help us make the experience even better."

B Welbs
B Welbs

You can see a photo of the email above:

Having not ordered from Burger King in quite some time, I, like apparently many others, checked my bank account and was relieved to see my bank account was fine. I assumed the email was a failed hacking attempt so I didn't click on any links and went about my day.

But later that day, I learned the email was really from Burger King and sent to thousands of others. Many took to Twitter to share their experience.

Google Maps
Google Maps

"Why did I get a blank @BurgerKing email receipt? I haven’t even been there in months," another person tweeted.

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Burger King Explains Reason For Puzzling Email

Burger King Introduces Coffee Subscription Service Via The BK App
Justin Sullivan

On Tuesday afternoon, the Burger King "PR Team" released a statement to The Verge. Burger King said the emails were due to "the result of an internal processing error.” More information wasn't released.

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