Could this be? Could Burger King and McDonald's actually join forces and make the most epic fast food burger? It may just happen. Early this morning Burger King took out full page ads in The New York Times and Chicago Tribune with a proposal.

Burger King wants to celebrate National Peace Day, on September 21st, by joining forces with their biggest rival McDonalds. BK's thought is to come together to make a McWhopper, which takes ingredients from their most popular burgers, The Whopper and Big Mac. They'll meet up half way between each others headquarters in Atlanta, in a neutral building where staff from both chains can get to flipping.

I'm super curious as to how McDonalds will respond and I'm hoping it's a positive one. If McDonalds and Burger King can get along, so can everyone else (I'm looking at you Trump!). Check out the official proposal video and let us know if you would try the McWhopper.

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