Lady Gaga is a beautiful cat from Pets Alive in Middletown New York! This affectionate, seven year old girl was initially rescued from a boarding situation. Lady Gaga joined Pets Alive in May 2017 and is looking for a new forever home. This cat is a domestic shorthair who has been spayed and vaccinated. Lady Gaga does have dietary restrictions that owners should be aware of, and are likely resulting from allergies. However, her stomach issues are not a barrier to the famous cat's ability to provide her owners with all the love and affection they could ever want.

Lady Gaga is a medium sized, senior cat. She is a lovely calico breed. This sweet girl is known for her love of being pet and affectionate nature. The pop star cat has been known to meow loudly when caregivers pay attention to other cats, as a way of asking for her own pets and snuggles. Additionally, the feline will rub her head against your hand in a cuddly and sweet manner.

Adoptions with Pets Alive are by appointment only and can be made through email. The organization is located at 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY. Quarantine has been a lonely time for many people. Why not adopt a new furry friend who you will never have to social distance from or wear a mask around? The shelter also accepts sponsorships for kind people who are looking to help Lady Gaga in a less direct way. Checkout the organization's website and look into the adorable animals who are looking to meet owners like you today!

Meet Lady Gaga Our Pet Of The Week

Lady Gaga, the cat, first came to Pets Alive in May 2017 from another animal shelter where she was rescued from a boarding situation.

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