It's believed a missing environmental biologist from the Hudson Valley was found dead in Colorado.

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On Monday, a body believed to be that of Steven Grunwald, 24, of Greenville was located by a search team in the Notch below McHenrys and Powell Peaks in Rocky Mountain National Park, officials say.

A friend reporting the Upper Husdon Valley man missing back on Sept 10. Later that day, park rangers found his vehicle parked at the Glacier Gorge Trailhead. His last contact with family and friends was August 28. His exact route was unknown, but it was believed he may have been attempting the Glacier Gorge Traverse on August 29, officials say.

Grunwald was described as a fit trail runner, backpacker and climber with backcountry experience.

Rocky Mountain National Park rangers completed an on-scene investigation and recovery operations took place by helicopter on Monday. His body was flown to a landing zone in the Wild Basin area of Rocky Mountain National Park and transferred to the Larimer County Coroner’s Office. Larimer County Coroner’s office will not release positive identification until completion of an autopsy.

Park searchers camped Sunday night near Lake Powell and resumed search efforts at sunrise on Monday. Assisting Rocky Mountain National Park again yesterday was Northern Colorado Interagency Helitak. A team consisting of a park ranger and members of Front Range Rescue Dogs were flown to the Thatchtop area. The dog team aided greatly in finding Grunwald, officials say.

Grunwald was an environmental biologist, according to TEDx Talks.

The cause of death is under investigation.

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