Once again as we head into summer in the Hudson Valley, so many things come to mind. Where will we go to enjoy time off? Will we get to enjoy family and friends? What will we serve at the first summer BBQ? And hopefully, you are also thinking that this is a good time to donate blood.

The blood supply is still trying to rebound after the COVID 19 pandemic. Supplies got drastically low and now with us heading into summer, it is a crucial time for us to start thinking about donations. The summer can typically be a time of year when donates dip and with the supply still recovering from COVID-19, this summer could be difficult if donations drop off again.

New York Blood Banks need Donations

The Red Cross needs to collect about 12,500 blood donations and more than 2,700 platelet donations to meet the needs of patients at about 2,500 hospitals and other facilities across the country. (via Pressrelease dated

The summer sees an uptick in the need for blood and usually a downtick in donations which is why your local Stewarts Shop has teamed up with the American Red Cross to entice you to donate in June by offering you a Pint for a Pint. You donate a pint of blood and Stewart's Shops will give you a pint of ice cream.

New York Stewart's Shops hold 7th Anual Pint for a Pint

If you have never had Stewart's ice cream, I encourage you to stop in immediately to sample some of what I believe to be the best flavors of ice known to man. I have openly stated that my flavor of choice is Bark in The Dark, a creamy mixture of dark chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks and pretzel bits. You decide what your favorite flavor might be by browsing in the cooler for yourself.

For a seventh year, Stewart’s Shops is treating Red Cross blood donors to free pints of ice cream as a part of the “Give a Pint, Get a Pint” program. For the month of June, presenting donors at blood drives in 26 counties across Upstate New York will receive a voucher for a free pint of Stewart’s Shop’s ice cream or gelato. Vouchers can be redeemed at any Stewart’s Shops location.

Mid Hudson Valley participating counties include Dutchess, Orange, Ulster, Columbia, and Greene, To find out how and where to donate go to redcrossblood.org

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