Blake Shelton wants people to know that he is a lucky man. Girlfriend Gwen Stefani turns 49 on Wednesday (Oct. 3), and the country singer sent out a very public, very eye-catching tweet.

It's Stefani, wearing nothing but ... well, see for yourself.

The sexy pic finds the rocker in short shorts, pink bra, brown military-style cropped jacket and black leather-like gloves, posing very provocatively for the camera. "Somehow it feels more like MY birthday everyday," Shelton writes, wishing Stefani a Happy Birthday and adding "I love you!!!"

Yeah, Blake, we get it — your girlfriend is pretty hot.

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The couple have been an item for three years and both frequent each other's events. Last month Shelton celebrated two No. 1 songs in Nashville with the pop singer looking on from the audience. They met when both were coaches on The Voice and have been receptive to the idea of marriage, but have not revealed any plans to formalize their union.

Currently Shelton can be found on The Voice on Monday and Tuesday nights. This certainly isn't the first time he socialized a private moment with Stefani. Just last month, he serenaded her on Instagram.

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