This intersection looks innocent but this place is a warzone at all hours of the day.

Do you travel on this road on a daily basis?

It's safe to say that many New Yorkers have had their fair share of road rage incidents while commuting or traveling in the Hudson Valley.

Hudson Valley roadways are extremely busy. It's very easy to get caught up in a confrontation with another driver. Road rage remains to be a serious problem in New York State and the entire country. There are a lot of drivers on the road in our regions so there's always a high probability of an incident.

According to Kaplan Law, almost 50% of drivers who are met with aggressive behavior respond aggressively. There is one intersection in particular located in Wappingers Falls that always seems to cause anger among commuters.

Here is the intersection.

Google Maps
Google Maps

What makes this place so dangerous?

Drivers heading towards Beacon are able to use two lanes shortly leading up to the traffic light on 9D and Brockway Road. This creates two lanes of congestion. The 2nd lane quickly ends as soon as you travel through the light. Drivers don't seem to handle this merge politely. Even when the light is green drivers will often try to pass other motorists before the light and then merge right after they pass the traffic signal.

I commute on this road and it seems like I see a drag race or an altercation between two drivers almost daily.

Do you know of a place that is a hot spot for road rage incidents in the Hudson Valley?

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