Does anyone else have that a favorite TV show that they flip on when they get into bed?

For some people falling asleep after a long day can be kinda hard. Now I'm not one of those people, once my head hits the pillow, I'm normally asleep within the next 15-20 minutes, but for some the tossing and turning can be a huge problem.

So we thought we would try to help out those folks that struggle with falling asleep for the night with some suggestions of TV shows that helps us fall asleep on a regular basis. You know the shows we're talking about, that one show that once you slide into your bed, you turn the TV on and put it on to send you off to dreamland.

My show has changed over the last few months only because the folks over TV Land have changed up their schedule. Normally I get into bed around 10 p.m. and when I flip the TV on it's on the same channel from last night, which almost always is TV Land. Now if you've never watched TV Land, they run all the older sitcoms from the 90's and early 2000's and I LOVE IT!

The King of Queens was the show that would always be on every night around 10 but recently they changed the schedule, so now my fall asleep show is Two and A Half Men. Jess has two shows, including The Office and New Girl.

How about you, is there a show that you watch almost every night before you go to sleep? Maybe your show can help out some of our friends in the Valley that can't sleep...LOL. Call us or text us through the Wolf mobile app or leave a comment below.

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