As we all know our local Black Bear population is back out and about. If you live in an area where bears have been spotted it is important you familiarize yourself with bear behavior. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) has plenty of helpful information regarding the dos and don'ts when it comes to bears.

Simple things like locking up your garbage and taking down bird feeders can go a long way when trying to keep bears out of your yard. It is also important that you keep an eye on your pets. Dogs should always be on a leash if you are hiking in New York's bear country. Bear vs. Pet interaction rarely ends up well for your pet. The same goes for the area around your home.

Bear Illegally Shot and Killed in Dutchess County, New York

Black Bear In A Tree

Over the weekend there was a pet and bear encounter that resulted in a bear being shot and killed. On Saturday, April 22, 2023, according to a release from the NYS DEC, the Dutchess County Sheriff's Office received a report of shots being fired. The DC Sheriff's Office contact Environmental Conservation Office Wamsley who was sent to investigate the situation.

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Apparently, when the Sheriff's Office arrived at the area where it had been reported that shots were being fired, the Sheriff witness a person dragging a bear toward their home. Officer Wamsley talked with the person who had shot the bear. The claim was made that the bear had attacked the homeowner's dog. However, according to the report, that fact was disputed.

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Tickets Issued to Home Owner who Killed a Bear in Dutchess County, NY

The investigation determined that the dog had gone after the bear and that the subject allegedly followed the bear and the dog then at some point shot the bear. The person who shot and killed the bear was issued tickets that included taking a bear out of season. Bear Hunting season in New York State varies by region and doesn't start until September then ends in December.

The ECO issued several tickets to the homeowner including taking bear out of season, illegal take of protected wildlife, and hunting/taking a protected animal without a license. The bear was seized as evidence and donated. (NYS DEC Press Release)

If you encounter a bear who is being a nuisance on your property please call the NYS DEC before taking matters into your own hands. They are they to help.

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