We all know that the Bald Eagle is not only the National Bird but also the National Animal, but did you know that the Hudson Valley is a GREAT place to view them? Mid-winter is also the best time.

Take a walk or drive along the Hudson River in the next few weeks and you have a pretty good chance of seeing one.

I was driving thru Hyde Park just the other day and saw one fly right in front of me.  It was both beautiful and a bit scary.  I was so amazed that I lost focus on driving for a second and I was also scared at the size of a bird being THAT large.

The good thing is that the Bald Eagle has gone from the Endangered Species List to the Threatened Species List so eventually, maybe we will see more and more of them.

Lynda recently posted a video to The Hudson Valley facebook page of a Bald Eagle bathing outside of her house in Esopus Creek.

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