It officially happens this Wednesday for most kids in the Hudson Valley. If you have a child in school you know this already but if you don't have school age children this is your reminder. It is time to head back to school.

About a week ago the school buses started test driving their routes. I know this because my dog loves to let me know that the neighborhood kids are at the bus stop with a bark that could wake the dead. She is fascinated by the big yellow car that picks them up. This past week when the buses did drive by's in my neighborhood my dog was confused. Buses but no kids. I am sure she will be glad to see that worked out this week.

So as you head out after the long holiday weekend keep in mind that the traffic flow will be new. After all it has been months since we shared the road with school buses and kids. Also be sure to look out for kids at bus stops and school crossings. We can all remember how exciting it was to get back to school. Kids will be distracted so it is up to us to keep and eye for them in the crosswalks and at the bus stops.

Remember to that children may choose to walk or ride their bike to school so share the road safely. For the next few weeks while we all get adjusted to the back to school schedule let's make sure to leave extra time so we can practice caution on the roads.

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