Former Westchester County Executive and Republican Candidate for Governor, Rob Astorino, shared an exclusive video earlier this week of what he is alleging is a "secret migrant flight."

The video was filmed, according to Astorino, at Stewart International Airport in Newburgh, New York.

On Sunday, June 5th, Astorino took to Twitter and shared the following:

More information was released from the New York Post in which they explain that the flights arrived at Stewart International Airport on May 17th and May 22nd from "El Paso, Texas, via Jacksonville, Fla."

Are These Really Secret Flights?

Astorino exclaims that these are secret flights planned out by the Biden Administration, however, PolitiFact explains that the 'secret flight' claims are mostly false writing:

Some of these flights happen at night, but they are not covert operations. The same types of flights were done by the Trump administration.

Some believe that flights are transfers from the ICE detention center in Goshen.

This isn't the first time a late-night flight in the Hudson Valley has been alleged as a "secret flight." The New York Post has been tracking similar late-night flights that landed at the Westchester County Airport. The Post reported back in April of 2022 that they watched as "a group of migrants disembarked from an iAero Airways flight from Jacksonville, Fla. that landed at Westchester County Airport at 9:48 p.m."

After debarking from the plane, The Post followed along as travelers were seen getting on charter busses. The busses then dropped off riders from Westercher County Airport to the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Newburgh, Bridgeport CT, and Danbury CT.

Astorino will host a press conference to discuss the matter outside the main entrance of Stewart International Airport in New Windsor on Wednesday, June 8th at 11 am.


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