There's been an update on the abandoned dog case out of Westchester County, New York.

Woman Caught on Camera Abandoning Dog in New Rochelle, New York

The SPCA Westchester took to social media in hopes of finding the culprit of a heartbreaking crime.

On Sunday, June 11, 2024, around noon time a family in New Rochelle New York caught an unsettling sight on their security camera. In the clip, you see a white car parked in the middle of Lotus Road.

We then see a woman exit the car, walk around the vehicle and open the passenger door. A small dog jumps out of the front seat. The woman the proceeds to get back in her vehicle and leave the dog wandering in the middle of the road.

The Westchester SPCA asked for the public's help in identifying the women in hopes that justice would be served.

New York State Law: Is Abandoning a Dog Illegal?

According to the New York State Bar, yes. It is illegal to abandon a dog in New York State. The New York State Bar states further:

Under Agriculture & Markets Law § 355, an owner or person having charge or custody of an animal, who abandons such animal, or leaves it to die in a street, road or public place, or who allows such animal, if it becomes disabled, to lie in a public street, road or public place more than three hours after he receives notice that it is left disabled, is guilty of a misdemeanor. In addition, under Agriculture & Markets Law § 331

With that being said, the woman in the video has been located and arrested.

Woman Arrested in Abandoned Dog Case in New Rochelle, New York

The call for the public's help worked. The SPCA Westchester announced a break in the case.

On social media, the SPCA Westchester wrote:

 SPCA Westchester announced today that their Humane Law Enforcement Unit (HLE), under the direction of Ernest Lungaro, and with the assistance of the New Rochelle Police Department, arrested Marissa Levy and charged her with animal abandonment.

Law enforcement was able to identify Levy after the security video was posted and an" anonymous tip called into SPCA Westchester’s Confidential Animal Cruelty Hotline."

Thankfully the dog, now named Rosie, is safe. But the situation could have had a completely different outcome had the Good Samaritans not stepped in to help the abandoned pup.

We are happy to report that this story does have a happy ending. The SPCA Westchester adds "Fortunately, Rosie is safe and has been adopted by the Good Samaritan who found her."


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