One Hudson Valley Police Department has set up a program to check in on our loved ones who are in need of assistance.

We're concerned about our loved ones and if they are in need of assistance and we can't be there, this new program from the Fishkill Police Department can put our worries at ease. The Fishkill Police Department announced on Monday, April 26th, the introduction of a new service called "The Are You OK? Program."

According to the Fishkill Police Department's Facebook page, the "Are You OK?" program is "designed for older adults, disabled persons or anyone in our community who needs to be checked on daily."

The "Are You OK?" system is a computerized telephone system. Those who subscribe to the program will set up a time for a daily scheduled call. Here's how the Fishkill Police Department explained how the computerized phone calls will work:

When the subscriber picks up the phone they will hear a recorded message. If the subscriber fails to answer the phone after several tries, the computer immediately alerts our communication staff who will attempt to contact the subscribers emergency contact and then send a police officer to check their welfare if necessary.

If you or a loved one is interested in signing up for the "Are You OK? Program" you can sign up online through the Fishkill PD website or you can send an email to 

For more details on the Are You OK Program visit Fishkill PD on Facebook.  

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