I have mixed emotions about April the Giraffe after the big event this past Saturday.

If you somehow missed it, April the Giraffe finally gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The calf came into the world weighing 125 pounds and standing at 6 feet tall. For a while it felt like April wasn't going to give birth and it was all just a hoax. We first reported the live webcam birth on February 23rd. It only took her 2 more months to get the not-so-little-guy out. Mom, baby and Dad Oliver are doing great and it's a big deal for us here in the Hudson Valley because April was born at the infamous Catskill Game Farm which closed in 2006.


Now that the baby calf is out in the world Animal Adventure Park is looking to the public to name him.

Since the Catskill Game Farm is closed, we think the new giraffe should carry a piece of the Hudson Valley with him. Animal Adventure Park is taking $1 donations and for every donation, you get to suggest a baby name. I'm saying we all get together and donate a $1 to the name Hudson or Skills (short for Catskills).

What do you think we should name Aprils new baby? Let us know on Facebook and then head to the Animal Adventure Park website to make your donation and suggestion. You have nine days to make your name suggestion and then they will pick the most popular name.


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