It's the middle of May and it has been raining since last September.  At least that's what it feels like.  It seems like it's been raining every day or every other day for as long as we can remember but in reality, this hasn't been the most raining April and May.  The rainiest April and May was in 2017 when we had over 8 inches of rain each month.  That's not to say that this year hasn't been bad because we've had just over 5 inches fall in April and already so far in May we've had 3.5 inches fall.

Things could be worse and I think it's because it does seem to rain almost everyday but it's not significant enough to be measurable.  That doesn't make it any easier but at least it makes it less painful to know it has been worse in the past.

Now, the forcast says no significant rain for the next few days and ample sunshine so I say, call in with a Vitamin D deficiency and take some time to enjoy it!  You never know when it'll rain for 700 years again.

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