Good news its not you, it's your phone....I think.

Over the last few days for some reason or another my phone hasn't been alerting me to any new text messages I've gotten. I've missed message after message to the point that a few people actually had to call me to ask why I was ignoring them. I normally don't ignore anyone when they text me, it might take me a few hours to respond but I always do.

Here's what happened, I was having a text conversation with someone going back and forth and after the last message I sent, I put my phone down and it locked itself like it normally does. When I picked the phone up again a few minutes later, I looked at the text app and there was no little red number telling me I had a new message so I went about my day.

About two hours later I got a call from a friend that asked if everything was OK because I hadn't responded to a question they asked through text. I looked at the phone, still no red number, and opened up the text app and there was their message. I was like WTH???????

After I got off the phone I started to try and figure out why this was happening. If you have an iPhone you might have noticed that a few weeks ago the folks at Apple did one of their IOS updates and like most times it changed up a few things on our phones, mainly the text alerts for some reason.

Here is how I solved it for me....If your texting with someone, once your done make sure you go back to the main list of all of your text messages(the screen where you can see all the people you've texted recently),if you don't go back to the list of all of your text messages after your done texting you wont get any alerts of new messages. That worked for me but if you have a better way to fix this, PLEASE let us know!

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