I grew up just outside New York City and have been there many times, but I've come to realize that I'm one of the few people that I know that has never been to the Statue of Liberty.

New York City is an amazing place with so much to see and do, heck, that's why we go there. Since I used to live pretty close to the city (just a short train ride on the Long Island Railroad or a car ride through the mid-town tunnel) it was kind of a no brainer to hang out there especially on a Saturday night.

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Yes I've been to many of the major attractions; the museum's, the clubs, I've taken the Circle Line Cruise, went to the top of the old World Trade Center, crashed a wedding at the New York Hilton, I've even lost $20 dollars playing three card monti on the street (young stupid me), and of course the Empire State Building. The Empire State Building is where my wife and I used to call home almost every Saturday night when we were dating. I've been to all of these, but it got me thinking, why have I never been to one of the cities major attractions, the Statue of Liberty?

There have been school field trips there, but unfortunately not in my class. Other family members and friends have had day outings and visited the Statue, but for some reason I've never made the trek there with them.

It's not that I don't want to go to see Lady Liberty, I'm kind of a history buff so I would love to check it out, but so far, a visit to the top of the torch has never been in the cards for me.

I used to hear people say that most native New Yorkers have never been to the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building, but I never thought I'd be included in that category.

Have you ever been there? Or are you one of the few New Yorkers who, like me, has never gotten there? If so, we should form a group, hire a party bus and spend a few hours climbing the 354 steps that take you to the top.

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