I'm fascinated with photos of abandon buildings, especially those that are local Hudson Valley staples.

One website, Abandoned America, travels the country to take beautiful photos of places that were once flourishing businesses and landmarks that now lay abandon.

Hudson Valley residents are familiar with the infamous Catskill Game Farm. You and your family probably visited on vacation or during an impromptu road trip at some point in your life.

Sadly the Game Farm closed their doors in 2006 and has been abandoned ever since. However, in the past few years, the Catskill Game Farm has been capitalizing on its status of "abandonment."

Current owners have opened the grounds to "glamping" opportunities and self-guided tours around the abandoned Game Farm. They also plan to turn the Giraffe House into an Inn that will host weddings and music performances. 

On May 19, the Catskill Game Farm is hosting a unique opportunity to capture the Game Farm during a photo workshop with Abandoned America.

The workshop costs $85, but you get access to the whole park and the chance to take some incredible photos with some real professionals.

The Catskill Game Farm made the news in recent years when we found out April the Giraffe, who gave birth in upstate New York, was raised at the Game Farm.

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