It has officially begun the downward spiral to the candy bowl. With Halloween less than a week away we must be strong and resist the urge to load up a bowl of candy in advance of the Trick or Treaters and convince ourselves we won't eat it. Halloween ushers in the season of sweet bingeing and candy eating. It starts with a fun size Snickers which leads to a candy apple and by Christmas you are so far gone on sweets and candy your have to convinced yourself you can just go cold turkey with a New Year's resolution.

We I am here to tell you that won't work and to offer 5 helpful hints that will help you say no!

#5 - don't completely deny yourself a sweet or a piece of candy but ration it. Only allow yourself one piece at a particular time of day and don't waiver.

#4 - Leave your candy and sweets with a trusted friend who will not eat them but will make sure that you don't sit down to it like you haven't had a meal in a week. You can even offer them an incentive, the more they keep you from eating the more they can keep for themselves.

#3 -  Buying only candy you don't like. If you don't like it chances are you won't eat it. And even if you do decide to just try one hopefully the fact you really don't like it will act as a reinforcement that you shouldn't be eating any of the candy.

#2 - Chew gum, this will prevent the munchies. If you are busy chewing gum there is a good chance that your need to eat something will go away because your mouth is occupied with the gum. That will hopefully trick you into not needing to snack or worst eat candy from the Halloween bowl.

And finally the #1 way to avoid candy and sweets this time of year is ..... wait for it ...... DON'T BUY THEM!

Hope these tips have been helpful. Good luck and Happy Halloween.

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