One of the tastiest competitions is coming to the Hudson Valley. It's Wing Wars 2018 on Saturday, January 20 at the Ramada Inn in Fishkill from 5-9, and it's best when you come with your friends.

If you've never been to Wing Wars before, here's how it works. When you come in, you'll get your wing vouchers and with restaurants set up all around the room, all you have to do is go to the booth of your choice and exchange those vouchers for some amazing wings. Plus, bars will be set-up around the room with live music throughout the evening.

It's a fun way to spend a Saturday night, but if you need more reasons as to why you should be there, here's a few.

1. With the horrible cold snap we've just been through, haven't you already spent enough time cooped up in your house with your family, staring at the walls?

2. To be able to sample this many different kinds of wings, you'd have to go from place to place, constantly eating and then driving, eating then driving, you get the picture. At Wing Wars 2018, you park once and you can sample a wide variety of wings. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

3. By bringing your friends along, you can have them sample some of the more 'dangerous' flavors and if they survive, you know you're good to go. We're only kidding, but it's a good plan, right?

4. You can also bring your family, and yes that includes your kids. If they are 10 and younger, they get in free and you simply purchase vouchers for them to sample wings. What to have for dinner has just been solved.

5. Do you really want to stay at home and watch all of your friends on Instagram or Facebook having fun without you at Wing Wars 2018? We didn't think so.

Come join the fun, and the sooner you buy your tickets, the more money you'll save.

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