We all have a favorite place to get our coffee, groceries and what have you's but what about things that aren't typically thought of on a daily basis. What if you want to go shopping in the Hudson Valley for say Tarot Cards or Crystals. Where would you go? Do you even know who to ask? I am going to make it my mission to search out great place all over the Hudson Valley where you can walk in, ask questions and not feel like like you have been left off the metaphysical bus.

A lot of people are taking an interest in and learning more about old religions and their practices. And a lot of people are learning that being enlightened isn't a bad thing. Once you break down the stereotypes you discover that it is all for good and can be interesting. Who reading this hasn't enjoyed a psychic reading or two. One of my favorite sovereigns from a vacation is a star chart I had done in New Orleans. I wanted something original but meaningful and the Hurricane glass from Pat O'Briens wasn't gonna cut it. Plus, let's face it if some one can look into a crystal ball and give you something to think about who's to say its not a better idea than you dwelling on it alone.

So here is a list of places I know around the Hudson Valley where you can shop and even get a reading. A few I have been too, some I have not. Either way they are all great places to get to know as you head out on your quest for Tarot or whatever.

If I have left your favorite place off the list or you know of a place you would like me to find out more about email me at paty.quyn@townsquaremedia.com.

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