One Hudson Valley senior living facility will be having a big celebration this month.

We received an email from one of our listeners telling us that 4 ladies of a local continuing care retirement community in the Goshen area will all be celebrating their 100th birthday.

The facility will be hosting a big birthday celebration for the 4 women. In the email we were told all about the fun loving ladies who all have wonderful background stories about growing up in the Hudson Valley.

In the email, we learn about Lady A, Lady G, Lady M and Lady G.

Nancy E. Tolosky-Heine
Nancy E. Tolosky-Heine

Lady A will be celebrating her birthday on April 22nd (4/22/1919). She was born in Coney Island and raised in Brooklyn. Lady A is a social butterfly and loves to " her makeup and jewelry." Lady A also has several grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Lady G was born in Italy on January 1st, 1919. She lived there and worked as an apple farmer until the age of 34 when she move to New York City. Lady G was married for 48 years and has 2 children, grand and great grandchildren. Also a butterfly, Lady G is known to chat up the staff while "free wheeling" in her wheelchair.

Lady M was born in Newburgh, on October 9, 1918. She worked various jobs around the country and at one point worked at West Point. Lady M has a quick witted personality and enjoys hanging out with her friends in the rehab department. When asked about the secret to a long life Lady M replied:

"“Don’t look back on past mistakes. Learn from them and move forward”.

Lady E celebrated her 100th birthday on January 29th. She and her husband worked many years in the hospitality industry. Lady E enjoys telling amusing stories, reading magazine articles and painting. Several of her paintings are hung around her room. Lady E was asked what her secret was to a long life and she said:

“I never said no to any opportunity that came my way. I always said yes and put forth every effort to achieve what I was setting out to do”

And if Lady E has any regrets in life? She replied "not a one”.

Another resident celebrated her 100th birthday but she is currently "living independently after completing a successful stay" in their rehab unit.

They will be celebrating their 100th birthdays together later this week on Thursday, March 22nd.

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