The craft beverage scene is huge in the Hudson Valley, and a major publication just featured 4 local breweries.

The New York Times published an article in their business section titled 'How Craft Breweries Are Helping To Revive Local Economies'. Newburgh Brewing Company, Equilibrium Brewery, Hudson Valley Brewery, and Clemson Brewing Company all got mentions for doing their part to help revive the local economy in the Hudson Valley.

Equilibrium Brewery was actually the focus of the article. Located in Middletown, the article told a story of people traveling from New York's border states to get beer at Equilibrium, and then search for food afterward in the local area. Thus, funneling tourist money into the local market. This happens with the two other craft breweries as well, people drive to get beer and want food and activity after.

In 2012 there were 97 craft breweries in New York, now there are over 390, the Times reports. The huge spark in craft breweries was made somewhat possible by tax incentives. For example, Equilibrium purchased their building for $265,000 and $225,000 was forgivable if they stay in business for 5 years. They have also received $204,000 in grant money from the state.

Many said craft breweries were a fad, but I think they're here to stay and help out the economy for a long time.


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