If you are like me you do everything with a snack. Whether I am taking a road trip, binge watching on the couch or hiking with friends it seems I always have a snack handy. I have even been known to pack munchies when I shop. I find if you keep a snack on hand it makes whatever you are doing a lot more fun and it keeps my energy up.

That being said I would never leave the house especially for outdoor fun with out packing a snack or what some would call trail mix. If you have a favorite variety from the store that's fantastic but you really should consider making your own. Trail mix is the easiest tasty snack to make, you just need to remember the 4 things that make trail mix the perfect snack. It should be salty, sweet, dry and crunchy. If you remember these four ingredients your trail mix will always be trail ready.

Glamour Magazine has offered a healthy recipe.

Perfect Trail mix foods are pretzels, peanuts, almonds, or walnuts. M & Ms, chocolate bits, marshmallows or licorice. Rolled oats, dried fruit, rice chex cereal or jerky. And finally for crunch add popcorn, pumpkin seeds, wasabi peas or sesame sticks. Feel free to mix what ever you want just be sure to add at least one food from each of the categories to create a perfect balance. Find a bio-degradable container and load it up.

If you are looking for more trail mix ideas along with ideas for things you can be doing while eating your creation you need to make a plan to be at the North East Outdoor Sports Show. If you love hunting fishing, camping, cycling, hiking, boating or just spending lots of time outside there will be something for you to learn and do at the Dutchess County Fair grounds on May 20th and 21st. Bring the family their will be something for everyone who loves the outdoors.

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