I would say that half the fun of drinking beer is checking out the name before. How many times have you bought a beer based on its name? For myself, I have picked a certain style based on its unique name and popularity. Here in the Hudson Valley, there is more craft beer available and we couldn’t be happier. With the weather getting warmer and more outdoor seating being open, let’s look at local breweries. I highlighted ones that I thought had unique names.

Hudson Valley Brewery, Beacon

Located within Beacon, Hudson Valley Brewery has a lot to offer. I love the setting in this town and its history. The cans have modern and unique designs to them. They also offer tasting notes on their website to fully enjoy your beer. Check out a name that I like best below and more info about them here.

Nelson Pillow Hat

Clemson Brewing, Middletown and New Paltz

I have been to both locations and I’m always satisfied. From their delicious food menu to beer lit, there’s always something to look forward to. Dating back to the 1800s, the Clemson family started their empire in Middletown. With their perseverance, teamwork, and passion, they take pride in where they are today and carrying on the legacy. Check out one of my favorite beer names from them below and their menu online.

Brewers Mistress


Mill House Brewing, Poughkeepsie

Located within Poughkeepsie, Mill House Brewing has quite the draft list. I can’t deny that a beer called Brownie Batter has truly been calling my name. They have happy hour, their food and beer menu listed online. I would say that this name right here had to be a big hit on St. Patricks’ Day. What do you think? You can brook a private event through them here.

Kilt Spinner


Gardiner Brewing, Gardiner

Located in Wright’s Farm, Gardiner Brewing has indoor and outdoor seating available with their firepit as well. This brewing company is known for its love from the 5th generation of the Wright’s Family. To check out their events calendar and their activities, click here.

Gardiner Brewing Company Short Fat Fannie


What are some creative and unique beer names that you have heard of? Share with us below.

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