October is here and I realize that there are lots of things to do in the Hudson Valley that center around Halloween but don't forget Halloween is also on your TV. Halloween is on all your favorite TV movie channels this month that love a good holiday theme. This weekend officially kicks off Halloween theme TV shows and movies we look forward to seeing back to back every year.

Pick your station and get ready to set the DVR so you don't miss a single showing of some of your favorite movies. Turner Movie ClassicsAMC Fear FestDisney Channel MonstoberSyfy 31 days of Halloween and ABC's Freeform 31 Nights of Halloween have all posted month long schedules.

Some channel with be showing the movies that won't keep you up all night and others will be dragging out the ones that will have you looking behind doors all month long.

I have hand selected a few that I plan to watch this weekend and I'll be honest some of them I will most likely watch more than once. So it if off to Tops for me to stock up on SkinnyPop and then a run by Ohioville Liquors in New Paltz for a bottle of Tito's to make a round of Vampire Kiss martini's. I will be all set for a weekend of watching.

Paty's Picks

1 - Hocus Pocus

It is one movie you can catch on multiple channels. You are definitely going to want to watch it a few times so you are ready for Hocus Pocus 2. Apparently Carvel has a Hocus Pocus themed drink you can grab to add to the festivities.

2 - The Nightmare Before Christmas

You have to watch Jack and his friends. This is the classic battle between Halloween and Christmas fans wrapped up in an awesome Tim Burton film.

3 - The Addams Family

With the new one out in theatres this weekend you need to re-watch the original but you head to the movies to see the newest release of America's creepiest cartoon family.

4 - Ghostbusters

Always good for a laugh and also the one movie I can quote pretty much all the way through. I actually got to go to the New York City premiere of the film so this one holds a special place in my ghost movie list.

Happy Watching and don't forget to get up off the couch once or twice.

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