More dog food products have been recalled this week, but this time because of salmonella. 4 different companies have recalled their products for a similar threat. The danger of salmonella is for both pets and humans who handle the food.

MSN reports that Raws for Paws Dog Food, Red Barn Pet Products, Darwin's Dog Food, and Smokehouse Pet Products have all recalled select dog food products. Raw for Paws has recalled sealed plastic tubes, called 'chubs' of ground turkey pet food. Red Barn recalled their bully stick dog chews. Darwin's recalled select lots of their Zoologics dog food. Smokehouse recalled their 'Beefy Munchies' treats.

The FDA reported that salmonella usually lasts for 4 to 7 days, according to the article. They say that symptoms usually clear up on their own. The FDA recommends washing your hands after handling pet food to avoid contamination.

If anyone in your house has come into contact with the affected products and are experiencing symptoms, it is advised to see a doctor. Do not handle these products or feed your pets these foods. If your pet is showing symptoms, please take them to a vet.

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