Over 30 farm animals that have been allegedly neglected for years have been saved.

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Over 31,000 people signed a Change.org petition to "STOP the Animal Neglect in Columbia County, N.Y." According to the petition, animals at an unnamed Columbia County farm have been neglected since 2014, despite many complaints from concerned residents.

"The children in the community don't understand why the authorities are not helping the suffering, neglected and abused horses, and the adults have no rational explanation to give the children," the petition read.

In early January, multiple agencies raided the farm and removed the animals, according to an update in the petition.

One donkey and 20 horses were sent to Godspeed Horse Hostel in Dutchess County. Two cows, four sheep, a goat and four cats were sent to other unnamed farms, NewsChannel 13 reported.

WNYT NewsChannel 13/Youtube
WNYT NewsChannel 13/Youtube

NewsChannel 13 didn't name the farm or owner, because charges are still pending, but said they saw the animals. Adding the animals were emaciated and some had issues walking while babies couldn't nurse because their mothers couldn't produce milk.

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